Our partners

With the aim of facilitating the global space sector

Our international partners help us in the aim of bringing space industry to Nepal by organizing space education and outreach programs like Analog astronaut missions, technical workshops

Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications

The Space Generation Advisory Council is a global non-governmental, non-profit (US 501(c)3) organisation and network which aims to represent university students and young space professionals to the United Nations, space agencies, industry, and academia.

Voice of the Next Generation of Space Sector Leaders.


Collaboration Opportunities

In order to make Nepal a space-fairing nation, we aim to participate in global space activities and utilizing Nepal’s unique geographical features to advance space science and technology.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any outreach activities.

What You Get

  • Access to a wide network of young students, professionals, governmental and private industry.
  • Facilitate space education and outreach activities in Nepal.
  • Help democratize space by contributing to the development of space sector in Nepal.