Space in Nepal Essay Competition 2021

To celebrate the international World Space Week (4-10 Oct), Nepalese Space Research Association (NESRA) presents “Space in Nepal Essay Competition 2021” with the theme “Space Industry in Nepal: The opportunities and future possibilities”.

Winners will receive:

First Prize worth NPR. 3000

Second Prize worth NPR. 2000

Third Prize worth NPR 1000

Deadline: 10 October 2021 (23:59 PM Nepali Time)

Eligibility: The essay competition is open to everyone aged 23 years and below. Anyone who belongs to these categories is highly encouraged to participate in the competition: school students, +2 students, recent SLC graduates, and undergraduate students.

The entry to this competition is free for everyone! Make sure to take this opportunity to win some exciting prizes while exploring your imagination.

Event Description:

Space in Nepal Essay Competition 2021 is a program by Nepalese Space Research Association (NESRA) targeted at students from school levels to undergraduate levels. Participants are required to submit an essay of 1500-3000 words on any topic of their preference that falls under the theme of “Space Industry in Nepal: The opportunities and future possibilities”. A good essay will have these points: thought-provoking, creative, clear and focused, good style of writing.

Theme: Space Industry in Nepal: The opportunities and future possibilities

The participant can write the essay on any topic they want if the content falls under the provided theme.

For example, the possible topics of the essay could be, but not limited to the following topics: “My dream to become an Astronaut” could be one topic where one can explain their dream of becoming an astronaut and what the opportunities and possibilities are present in Nepal to achieve that dream. Similarly, “My favorite planet of solar system” could be another topic where participants can explain details on which is their favorite planet of the solar system and why and what are the opportunities and possibilities in Nepal to study or explore more about the planet. These are just examples to get ideas from so that you are encouraged to send your wildest and even craziest ideas without any hesitation.

Second stage of the competition: The second stage of the competition includes sending a picture to us that best represents the essence of your essay. An original art (self-clicked photo, hand-drawn art, etc.) made by the participant is preferred over the ones downloaded from the internet. Digitally modified images are also accepted as a cover photo of the essay. Whichever the case may be, you are requested to write a small caption describing the picture and where you got the picture from.

For example, if the picture is of a hand-drawn lotus: “Figure: Lotus (Hand-drawn art by Author)”

Evaluation Criteria: Panel of Judge and Social Media Post

The final evaluation for the winner of the competition will be done in two phases:

1. Evaluation of the essay by a panel of judges

2. Social media reach of the picture that you send along with the essay.

A panel of judges will evaluate the essay on the basis of pre-determined evaluation criteria such as creativity, thought-provoking, clear and focused, good style of writing, grammatically correct, and plagiarism(copying) is highly discouraged. If you have any queries regarding the evaluation procedure of judges, please feel free to contact us at This evaluation will hold 50% of your total marking.

Similarly, the social media post will cover the rest of the 50% evaluation score. Non-relevant content will be filtered and disqualified so make sure that the picture describes your idea of the possible future of the space industry in Nepal. The essays will be shared on the social media pages of NESRA (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). Each participant will gain a certain score based on the number of reactions and shares they receive on our social media pages. There will be additional recognitions to award the best posters in the following categories:

  1. Scientific Award Category (scientifically accurate representation)
  2. Creative Award Category (thought provoking idea and representation)
  3. People’s Choice Award (Most liked and shared)

Further details regarding the second stage of the competition will be provided in the coming days. Visit our website for regular updates.

Accepted formats:

The essay can be typed in Microsoft Word (or any other text editor of your choice). Typed contents are preferred, however, hand-written essays are also accepted. Similarly, essays in the English language are preferred as we have an international audience of space enthusiasts who might want to read the interesting essays. Essays in Nepali are also accepted. Please send your best essays in any form that explores the wild corners of imaginative and creative writing.

Essay Submission Method:

Before sending the file, please insert your Name, Age, Gender, Grade/Level of study, Name of School/College at the top of the page. If the essay is computer typed, it needs to be converted into PDF format first. Similarly, if the essay is hand written, the clear images of the photograph need to be clicked and must be compiled into a single PDF file. In both the cases, change the name of the PFD file into Age_FirstnameLastname_EC2021Participant and then must be emailed at and

The decision taken by the organizing team of Essay Competition 2021 will be final and won’t subject to any changes.

If you have any more queries, please write at or

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